Welcome to my blog-writing project for 2016.

Today is the day I’m officially putting this blog out there. Out there means promoting it in search engines and inviting friendly people like yourself to follow it. I’m looking for a little accountability to complete this project – as a regular reader or follower you’ll keep me accountable, right?

As a self-care initiative, focused on rekindling my old enjoyment of writing, I have committed to writing at least one post every week this year. Weekly posts will be published on Mondays.

I have two posts and two pages completed to date – I’m on track.

If you want to learn more about the catalyst for this writing project, read the About page. To learn what my motivation and purpose for this blog project is, try Why write a blog?

I explain my personal experience of having an unexpected mild cerebellar stroke in the first post, A stroke of luck. In my second post, Anxiety and mindfulness, I discuss mindfulness and my goals for physical and mental health in 2016.

Please consider following my blog and joining me on this journey throughout the year.

Comments on posts are encouraged and will be appreciated. Be sure to check back for a response.