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This morning I got up and decided to get in a run after work. That was before a full day teaching, helping out a colleague between bites of lunch and then a meeting after my final class.

I got home a little later than I had envisioned and the internal dialogue started…

BIG VOICE: You’re tired, it’s a bit late anyway, it’s been a big day. Wouldn’t it be nice instead just to chill out for a little and read some more of ‘Gone Girl’ before dinner, while the boys are happy playing? Maybe you can get up at 5.30am tomorrow and get in a run then instead…

Small Voice: As if that will happen. It’s a beautiful day for a run, and you’ll feel better if you go.

So I went, and it was a good run and I did feel better.

Sometimes wisdom is listening to the small voice and not the big one. When you ignore the big voice, it gets a little bit smaller. When you listen to the small voice, it gets a little bit bigger.

Later, cleaned up and relaxed, I feel good about choosing to go for the run.

BIG VOICE: Good on you! Now you deserve a special ice cream treat from the corner shop.

I slap that big voice right back into its box – take that! – and grab the last Tim Tam out of the fridge.

So I’m a work in progress – just like you.